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Original Edition of Mad Fit Mag - PRINT - Issue 1 - SOLD OUT

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Get the first-ever issue of Mad Fit Mag in PRINT! This issue includes articles by top unconventional trainers including Will Chung, Donica Storino, Matt Wichlinski, Travis Stoetzel, Funk Roberts, Doug Fioranelli, Dave Hedges, and more! The cover of the magazine features Will Chung, the winner of the 2016 Best Unconventional Trainer Reader Poll. He won with 60,000 of the 95,000 votes cast.

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This issue includes the following articles:

  • The Bulava: Awaken Your Inner Warrior by Pawel Widuto
  • What is Kettlebell Sport by Donica Storino
  • 4-Weeks to Competition Workout Plan by Anthony Eisenhower
  • Top Ground Mobility Exercises by Matt Wichlinski
  • Stones, Bags, & Bells by Travis Stoetzel
  • Becoming Hard to Kill by Levi Markwardt
  • MMA Bodyweight Training by Funk Roberts
  • 5 Unconventional Essential Exercises for Athletes by Doug Foranelli
  • How to Do 3 Full Ironmans in One Month by Jack Nunn
  • From the Studio to the Internet by Mark Smith
  • Four Ways To Build a 600 Member Training Gym by Colin McGarty
  • 5 Point List to Start Your Training by Dave Hedges
  • Unconventional Tools for Strength by Alex Zinchenko

and more!